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My Favourite Things: Gifts for the Anglophile

As the lyrics of a great holiday song say: "Christmastime is Here, Happiness and Cheer!" Today I am packing away my Thanksgiving and fall decor to make way for all things Christmas, including my hand-made, home-made Christmas countdown calendar that is reminding me there are only 24 shopping days left.

I start compiling my gift lists early: one for each of my children, one for my husband, lists for our extended family and special friends... and even one for me so my family have some inkling of what I'd like to find under our Christmas tree or in my stocking.

If you have a special Anglophile or tea drinker in your life and are looking for unique gifts or hints of what may please them this holiday, please allow me to offer a few hints...

Cup & Crown's Holiday Special-TEA Gift Box - I'm not ashamed to place my product at the top of this list. This unique box set offers three delicious, high-quality, loose leaf teas that I've hand-picked to complement the Christmas Season: Gingerbread, Figgy Pudding, and Candy Cane. Also included is a tree-shaped infuser, a holiday-themed silver demitasse spoon, and Scottish shortbread cookies. Visit my website to place your order. A percentage of all sales benefit one of our local schools.

Houses of Windsor Tea-Time Traveler Tin: This is a present that both the Anglophile and tea lover will fancy! Each monthly box is filled with a surprise selection of fine loose-leaf teas, British treats, and adorable trinkets. And December's box has an extra-special bonus! So don't hesitate: Head over to Houses of Windsor to place your order NOW for a one-time gift or a subscription for 2 or more months.

A Tea Advent Calendar - Tea lovers tend to enjoy trying new teas, so this is a great idea that gives them little sips with lots of enjoyment and may even help them find a new favourite flavour. There are a handful of companies that offer Advent Tea Calendars or Twelve Days of Teas, where a tea sample can be found in each day's box or nook. Hmmm... I may have to gift this to myself next Thanksgiving so that I, myself, can be sampling through December. Scrummy!

Tea of the Month - I never knew such a thing existed until my husband surprised me with this a couple of birthdays ago; and I can honestly say, it's one of the best and most memorable gifts I've ever gotten. Again, there are several companies that offer a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription. The recipient can look forward to receiving a new box of teas each month. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

BritBox or AcornTV - This is a terrific gift that allows the British telly addict (like myself) to indulge in hours of costume dramas, mysteries, comedies, and more that only the British know how to create and that cannot be found on U.S. cable stations. They can be ordered through with your Prime membership; or you can visit them directly through their websites: and

Brown Betty - The "Brown Betty" is a type of round teapot with a dark brown glaze. Tea steeped in a Brown Betty is considered excellent due to the design of the pot which allows the tea leaves more freedom to swirl around, releasing more flavour with less bitterness. Brown Bettys are still made today and can be purchased online. And right now, The English Tea Store is offering a Brown Betty with a festive holiday design!

Products of the UK - What Anglophile wouldn't want to try delicious foods and treats made in England? Or to celebrate Christmas with traditional British crackers - no, not the crispy kind for your cheese, but the pull-apart paper poppers that are filled with treats and trinkets? The internet is flooded with ordering possibilities, and The English Tea Store is always a reliable resource.

A Favourite Tea - My favourite tea (Golden Monkey, if you must know) is expensive and not always easy to find. I usually treat myself to sample sizes and save it for special days. But I'd be positively cockahoop to find a couple of ounces in my stocking that I could enjoy any and every morning!

Anything Union Jack, Red Phone Booth, Double-Decker Bus, Big Ben - There's almost nothing you can't find that isn't adorned with the quintessential English symbols: pajamas, earrings, scarves, socks, bracelets, umbrellas, shirts, pillows, sheets, wall art, hand bags...and as an Anglophile, there isn't anything I just named that wouldn't give me big smiles on Christmas morning were I to receive it. (I sure hope my hubby and kids read this post!)

British Travel Book - Or better yet, British travel plans! Of course, with the current state of the world, one cannot travel across The Pond just yet. So gift someone some great travel books with beautiful photos of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to help your special someone compile her "bucket list" of places to visit in the United Kingdom.

This list could be never-ending, so I'll keep it to these few suggestions that I hope you will use or let it get your creative gift-giving juices flowing. Happy shopping, Everyone!

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