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Thank you for popping-in to Cup & Crown



I created Cup & Crown to share my interests with others as I am never more in my element than when I have the opportunity to participate in a lavish Afternoon Tea. I'm especially happy when I can introduce someone to a tea they've never before tried or speak to a crowd about tea history, traditions, and etiquette.


So if you are looking to indulge in your love of tea, visit me often here at Cup & Crown.


I'll put the kettle on!

I'm Nancy: tea enthusiast and long-time Anglophile. I have always been drawn to Britain - its history, its royal lineage, and especially its custom of enjoying tea. I can't pass a tea shop or a tea website without even the slightest look-see to sample new teas or ogle the pretty accessories. I have spent many hours engrossed in British period dramas, documentaries, and travel shows, sampling dishes from English cookbooks, all the while stockpiling a mental cache of British trivia and colloquialisms. Because until I can actually travel the UK in its entirety, stopping at all the quaint tea rooms along the way, these things will have to do!

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