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Top Twenty Teas?

If you had a chance to watch this month’s “Tea Across the Miles” - the monthly tea tasting and tea talk between Lady Amy Mitchell of Houses of Windsor and myself - you’ll know that, among the many things we discussed was this list of "Top 20 Tea Brands from Worst to Best”, an article written by Kristen Carli* and published by Tasting Table.(

Naturally, Amy and I were intrigued by this, having sampled dozens-upon-dozens of tea brands and flavors. We were happy to find PG Tips, Twinings, and Harney & Sons within the top 10. We were, however, disappointed not to see the likes of Fortnum & Mason nor Taylor’s of Harrogate.

Of course, Amy and I employ a vastly different measuring stick when choosing teas than that used by Carli. While Lady Amy and I adhere to taste, country of production and, once in a while, the history of the brand when selecting or ranking teas (or we just ask ourselves, would the English drink it?), Carli based her list not only on what tastes good, “But we are also looking for a brand with a positive social impact and mission statement.” Teas were also chosen for their variety of flavors, convenience to customers; and bagged teas, loose-leaf teas, and even iced teas were all judged together.

"...we just ask ourselves, would the English drink it?"

Let me be clear: neither criterion is superior... simply put, a different set of parameters is used by and for each of us, and such lists can be boiled down to a matter of opinion. I think in today’s age of product sustainability, social awareness, and fair trade, a company's mission statement and societal influence can be very valuable and important things to ponder; and because of that, Carli’s article has a strong validity and relevance. As for myself and Amy, assuming she will allow me to speak for her (and she will in this case), just as I don’t choose what tea I drink based on what health benefits it offers, I don’t choose my tea based on a company’s mission statement. I choose my tea based on its flavor. I choose my teas because, basically, I like tea. Good, quality tea.

I am reposting the article for you to enjoy. Did your favorite tea(s) make the cut?


*Carli is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Owner of Camelback Nutrition & Wellness, and a frequent contributor to Tasting Table.

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