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Chocolates and Roses for Tea Lovers!

It's hard to believe that February is already here. You probably thought I had gone into hibernation since you haven't heard from me since December.

A loooong winter's nap would be a treat; but I have been far too busy these last weeks to even try to catch a kip every afternoon (that's Brit speak for take a nap). Thank God for TEA to keep me energized through the day!

What is it about the post-Christmas days that makes me want to paint? After packing away my holiday decor until next December, I always get the urge to redecorate something. Just last week, I decided it's time to give our foyer an update. Seemed a small enough job... until I realized that the wall continues up 13 steps to our bedrooms... around the corner... and over 5 doors! I must be a glutton for punishment! But it actually feeds my "Type A" personality, as I meticulously line moulding with painter's tape, carefully paint around each doorway, and make sure all walls are evenly coated to avoid streaks. Where most would say, "It's good enough!" or "Nobody else will notice!", you will only find that I pay very particular attention to the smallest detail.

I am no less scrupulous when it comes to the gifts and services I offer through Cup & Crown. With Valentine's Day less than 2 weeks away, I have carefully planned and assembled a very unique gift box that will not only thrill the tea lover, but excite any Valentine on your list! Why give the same old box of chocolates or supermarket flowers when you can give something that expresses your true thoughtfulness? The Cup & Crown Valentine's Special-TEA Gift Box contains:

  • Four (4) sachets of Valentine's Blend chocolate (black) tea

    • Four (4) sachets of Cherry Rose (green) tea

    • Custom-made heart-shaped sugar "cubes"

    • A decorative Valentine's spoon [design may vary]

    • Two (2) Tunnock's Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes imported from Scotland

Don't hesitate! Visit to view my Valentine's Special-TEA Gift Box and place your order SOON while supplies last! Orders for shipment must be placed by February 6 to allow for delivery by Valentine's Day!

This gift box set is ideal for...

- Spouses

- Mothers

- Daughters

- College students

- Teachers

- Anglophiles

- Caregivers

- Pandemic front-line workers


At Cup & Crown, I don't only serve tea, I serve to please. So let me help you please those you love!

Happy Valentine's Day from Cup & Crown!

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