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Let Nancy Rodriguez, hostess of Cup & Crown, guide you and up to 6 guests through a

delicious flight of 4 teas that will please any tea drinker and intrigue the tea curious. 

Choose Your Tea Flight!

* All teas are subject to vendor availability.

The Basics

Acclimate your palette with the basic teas:





Breakfast Blends

Sample subtle differences of breakfast teas:

English Breakfast

Scottish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast

German Breakfast

The Greys

Discover the variations

of this popular tea:

Earl Grey Classic

Lady Earl Grey

Earl Grey Cream

Earl Grey Green


Enjoy teas blended with your favorite fruits:

Raspberry Black

White Blueberry

Blackest Blackberry

Strawberry Black

Hostess Choice

Allow Nancy, your hostess, to choose your flight!

The Provinces

Taste teas from renowned tea estates around the world:

China Oolong

India Assam

Kenya Milima

Sri Lanka Ceylon


Satisfy your sweet tooth with these black tea blends:

Monk's Blend


Scottish Toffee Pu-erh

Figgy Pudding

Customer Choice

Choose from any of the following teas:

  • Monk’s Blend: Black tea elevated with grenadine (cherry) and vanilla essence

  • Valentine Blend: Black Ceylon tea with deep chocolate notes and a hint of rose

  • Crème de la Earl Grey: Called “tea for the aristocracy,” this has strong, smooth vanilla notes that blend well with the bergamot citrus of Earl Grey

  • White Blueberry: White tea leaves with beautiful notes of blueberry

  • Cherry Rose Festival: A light green tea augmented with fruity cherry notes

  • Strawberry: Black Ceylon tea that features strawberry flavor

  • Raspberry: Black Ceylon tea that features raspberry flavor

  • Scottish Caramel Toffee Pu-erh: Black tea with a dark toffee-almost-coffee-like overtone

  • Chocolate-Orange: Black tea with Spanish orange highlights blended with Belgian white chocolate notes

  • Tropical Holiday: a robust blend of black and green teas with bold mango and apricot flavors

  • Blackberry: Black Ceylon tea that features blackberry flavor


English Cream Scones with Devonshire cream and strawberry jam accompany your teas as well as an interactive game about English tea traditions.

This event is terrific for an afternoon gathering, great for a mom's morning out, and a delightful alternative to a morning coffee meet-up!

* Payment may be made in full in cash, by check, or by VENMO.

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